Grown-up Productivity

I spent a few fun hours the other day playing with a Rackspace Cloud server and Nick Wynja’s really great deploysecondcrack project (Github). Deploysecondcrack is an all-in-one (pretty much) tool to setup Marco Arment’s Dropbox based Markdown blogging engine, Second Crack. It had been quite a while since I’d spent time messing with a server CLI and thanks to Nick’s generous help, I didn’t pull out too much hair.

Although I got a Second Crack blog up and (mostly) running, in the end I decided to stick with Squarespace. It felt like a grown-up decision.

Nick hit on the reason for my decision with his recent post at

When are we going to graduate past constantly tweaking our markdown writing systems (guilty) and just write?

What I really wanted to do was post something to my blog. Instead, I got sidetracked playing with a shiny new toy. Using Squarespace means I don’t have to mess around under the hood if I don’t want to and that frees up my attention to focus on writing. It’s hard enough to write consistently without unnecessary distractions.

All that said, if you’re looking for a great custom blog, check out Second Crack and be sure to use deploysecondcrack to get it up and running.