Short-form blogging

Oh my god yes. Gina's six rules for blogging speak to me on so many levels.

I love Twitter, but it's hard to get full thoughts out at that length – although the process of trying can be really informative. Twitter is like writing junk food, empty calories. Crafting a clever or intelligent tweet (not sure I've ever actually managed that) scratches kind of the same itch that writing a blog post does except that it's not writing on the same level.

If you believe, as I do, that writing is thinking (← seriously go read this), then building a strong writing habit is probably something you desire, but struggle with. I certainly do. So often, I get caught in the trap of believing that anything I post has to be lengthy, agonized over and actually "say something". That means I just don't do it. Then I feel bad.

Thanks Gina for reminding me that "short-form blogging" is perfectly acceptable. And thanks Jason for adding your thoughts. It's awesome to see short post chains that grow out of great, but short, posts.

Long live the short post.