The death of the corporate website?

From Michele Mehl at Geekwire:

That means the Web site template of — “About Us, In the News, Services, Products, Contact Us, FAQ, a Search Box, Blog, Shopping Cart” — will no longer work. Obviously, Coca-Cola’s model isn’t for everyone. But for the market segments where it will work—likely retail, consumer tech and some B2B—we all have to start thinking more like publishers, reporters, bloggers, reviewers and authors.

It's high time we all started thinking and behaving more like publishers - because whether we know it or not, that's what we are. Every status update, tweet or email, we're publishing content and influencing an audience. The only question is what kind of an influence are we having?

If you're reading this and you're a Twitter user, or a blogger, then this concept is eye-rollingly obvious to you. But there are so many organizations, companies and influential people who haven't yet realized the shift that is happening and the importance of embracing it.

My hope is that with a brand like Coca-Cola making such a high-profile shift, that other organizations will finally take notice. The content we create cannot afford to be static. There is no "set it and forget it." To succeed and grow an audience, attract customers or build a donor base requires consistent, dedicated, focused content work. Writing, shooting, editing, sharing – over and over. 

While you're thinking about writing, Ann Handley's Nine Qualities of Good Writing is definitely worth your time and attention.