The Root of Piracy and Copyright Battles

MG Siegler sums it up nicely:

Why would VEVO pirate content? Because it was easier than getting it legally. This is the actual root cause of piracy online. It’s not shady, masked individuals at swanky events commandeering computers to pirate for the hell of it. It’s VEVO employees. It’s everyone. 

Much of the argument around copyright legislation focuses on the aforementioned shady thiefs lurking in the underbelly of the Internet. No question those people exist and are important contributors to piracy. But without average, slightly geeky people to actually download pirated content there wouldn't be a market for it.

Creators deserve to be fairly paid for their work. Full stop. When pirating an album, movie or book is easier than buying it and suffering onerous DRM and restrictions, which path will be more worn? The problem is with business models and it can't be solved with legislation. The Internet continues to lay waste to industry after industry. Those who don't see it coming and cling to old models will be left behind.

DRM, digital locks and Internet blocking are short-term solutions to a long-term problem. History has shown that every lock will eventually be picked. Piracy will never go away completely but when there is an easy option that actually adds value to the content, people will pay for it

Instead of arguing about censoring the Internet to stop piracy, lets talk about how we can pay creators directly for their work and stop paying middlmen who want a piece of each sale.