Two Wheels

For the past month or so, I've been commuting to work and back on a bike. I purchased what is only the second new bike I've ever owned and I'm loving it. It takes me ten minutes longer to ride than driving. Ten lousy minutes.

I do leave the house earlier because I need time to shower and change at work - no one likes a stinky co-worker - but the lack of substantial difference in travel time was one of the first things that really surprised me. To drive the 12km, it usually takes between 20 and 25 minutes. I consistently ride in 35 minutes. I've had a lot of fun sharing that stat with others.

Here are a few random thoughts about commuting by bike:

  • I feel more organized. Perhaps because I need to have my bags packed and ready the night before or because I usually shave the night before, I just feel more organized in the mornings.

  • Physical activity makes working in an office better. That, along with standing instead of sitting (which I need to write about soon) has had a *drastic* effect on the way I feel when at work.

  • It's way more fun. Because my brain and body are fully engaged while commuting, I have a lot more fun that I do driving. I don't experience the "commuter blah's" that I used to when driving.

  • I find myself wanting to ride everywhere that I need to go - and I am.

  • I didn't truly notice how many people ride bikes in London until I was on one.

M and I have one car and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. There may come a day where we absolutely cannot live without two vehicles, but I hope that day never comes. Being able to ride my bike anywhere that I need to go will assist with this challenge. I may not ride 365 days a year, but I intend to ride until the snow makes it really hard.

London has a long way to go in becoming a truly bike friendly city. I'm new to being a person who rides a bike, but I'm excited to be part of a community. I'm excited to see the number of riders increase and excited to help push the city and our community forward.