The Oona

I've been searching for a useful stand for the iPhone for some time. I'm looking for something that will hold my phone on my desk at work or home, in the car and ideally, on a tripod. There are lots of options but none have caught my eye quite like [The Oona]( The project has just finished a funding period on [Kickstarter]( and ended up as the 12th most funded project ever.

The Oona is a versatile stand that uses a combination of suction cups and a weighted base to hold your smartphone in a variety of positions. Aside from looking great, the biggest thing that attracted my attention was the ability to screw the anodized aluminum piece into a standard tripod mount. [See The Oona in action]( for more examples of where it can be useful.

I am concerned about the effectiveness of the suction cups, which are critical to the usefulness of The Oona. If they don't hold firmly and for an acceptable amount of time, there will be trouble but I'm willing to take the chance and see how it performs.

I should receive my Oona in the next few weeks and I'll write up a proper review once I've had a chance to test it out.