Projector Fans Are Deadly

[Ben Brooks linked]( to a [great HBR article]( on the soul-crushing effect of slide presentations in meetings.

We've all experienced the oxygen draining power that Powerpoint or Keynote presentations have. Slides should be treated as small explosive devices. That is, used sparingly and only after sober, thoughtful reflection. 99% of information should be communicated by a human and *never* through a bullet point.

Bregman's tip about executives leading informal discussions on *other* businesses within the organization is excellent.

>Try this. Instead of having executives prepare clear, well-thought-out (and boring) PowerPoint presentations about their own businesses, try having them lead informal discussions about their colleagues' businesses, using flip charts to collect important points, draw conclusions, and agree on action plans with owners and timelines.

It struck me that this tip could also be applied [through blogging](/2011/marketing/corporate-communications-cure-blogging/). Have each unit manager write a blog post about a different unit within the organization. The amount of transparency and accountability this would force on the organization might be a bit much at first, but it would certainly make for interesting reading.