Word of the Day: Gonfalon

As part of my job, I'm involved in planning and executing convocation ceremonies[^1]. As part of this, we've recently added official [gonfalons](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonfalon) to our ceremonies and so we need to recruit volunteers to be the carriers of said gonfalons.

I had fun writing this internal recruitment ad:
- - -
Graduation 2011 - Be a part of the pomp as an official Gonfalonier

>Gonfalonier *[gon-fuh-luh-neer] -noun* 1. The bearer of a gonfalon 2. a chief magistrate or some other elected official in any of several medieval Italian republics.

The Graduation Committee is seeking disciplined, performance-minded volunteers to serve as gonfaloniers (as in definition number one above, we hold no sway over medieval Italian republics) at Spring convocation. [Gonfalons](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonfalon) are the ceremonial banners that mark the prestigious occasion of convocation for our graduating students. Currently, we use a single college-wide gonfalon, but will be adding School specific gonfalons in future years. Because of this, we wish to develop a cadre of trained gonfaloniers to proudly carry banners for all academic areas.

The time commitment is minimal. You will be required to form up with the platform party, lead them into the auditorium and place the gonfalon on stage. You are not required to remain for the whole ceremony. From start to finish, no more than 30 minutes of your time is required.

Although needing a minimum of time, this role requires a maximum of poise, presence and precision. As leader of the platform party, you set the pace and tone for the convocation ceremony. You must be able to hold and carry the gonfalon while ensuring that it faces correctly and behaves appropriately throughout the procession involving a doorway, a turn and stairs.

If you are interested in volunteering your time for this important convocation duty, please contact [redacted] for information on auditions (yes, auditions) training and rehearsals.

As always, your consideration in volunteering to assist with convocation is sincerely appreciated.
- - -
Yes, it's wordy and a bit long. The point was to convey some of the gravity of the role and to make the impression that we're looking for serious interest only. It was also supposed to be just slightly tongue-in-cheek.

We'll see if anyone takes the bait.

[^1]: Along with loads of other talented and smarter people.