New Phones from RIM

[Marco Arment]( on the new Blackberry phones from RIM:

> RIM is very good at making the same phone over and over again. That worked for a while, since it happened to fit a large and profitable market very well.

> But then the iPhone changed the game. Everyone in the business scrambled to overhaul their platforms and has since dramatically improved their products. Everyone, that is, except RIM.

BB OS 7 is essentially a prettier version of BB OS 6. Things like "60 fps" and "instant UI action/response" are not reasons that people buy a smartphone. Analysts are not going to be pleased by these new announcements. They questioned RIM's profit warning last week and were told "hang on, we're releasing amazing products on Monday." I don't see anything for customers or analysts to feel positive about.

RIM Co-CEO (!) in a press release announcing the new phones:

> These fully-loaded and beautifully crafted smartphones offer a highly refined user experience with blazingly fast performance, a brilliant touch screen and an outstanding typing experience.

That is a lot of adjectives. Not a good sign.