"Twitter's Shit Sandwich"

That's an attention grabbing headline from an article that [does a solid comparison](http://daringfireball.net/2011/05/twitter_shit_sandwich) of the user experience with OAuth and xAuth.

The changes Twitter is making wouldn't be so bad if they would be transparent about their goals. Between the API changes and now this, they seem to be squeezing the third party developers that made the platform what it is to begin with. Generally not a smart move. Maybe it's for a reason though, if only we knew.

Yes, Twitter needs to make money. Everyone, users and developers alike, appreciate that. There are many users who would be happy to support Twitter with small fee. I know I certainly would. I've met enough interesting people and learned a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise learned to make the value in Twitter immediately clear.

It's interesting that I'm willing to pay for using Twitter but recoil in horror at the thought of paying Facebook a dime. It speaks volumes to the value that each platform offers.