Tweet Unto Others...

[James Shelley said]( a lot of what I wish I'd been able to express in my post on [curating your attention](/2011/marketing/curate-your-attention/). A wonderful thing happens when someone writes down idea that's been in your head but they do it in a way that makes you stop in your tracks. It's the same thing that happens when you're surrounded by more talented people. You're forced to work harder.

>There is no more shame or guilt in unsubscribing from the data streams of people who do not benefit your attention than there is turning off the television when it becomes a waste of time.

It took me an entire post to try to say that. Without any sarcasm, thank you James.

If you do nothing else, write this down somewhere and apply it, not only to Twitter:

>Thou shalt tweet for others what thou would want others to tweet for thee.