RIM Afraid to Succeed

RIM is too afraid to succeed. The Playbook has potential but Research in Motion is paralyzed by fear of failure. The PlayBook is turning into a series of check-boxes on a spec sheet, rather than a compelling experience for users. Even RIM themselves don't have a clear idea of exactly what the PlayBook is.

I don't want to overstate things, but the Playbook and QNX operating system could very well be RIM's final shot to stay alive. They have been dominated by Apple and Google in the smartphone and (now) tablet battle. Their weak point has always been software, and between Android (in all its flavours) and the supremely focused iOS platform, Blackberry OS has struggled to innovate and remain relevant.

I grew up less than a 30 minute drive from Waterloo, Ontario and as a Canadian, I am proud of the success that RIM has had. I want them to do well in competition against other companies around the world and I would like to see them be the first to bring a worthy competitor against Apple's iPad to the tablet market.

Alas, instead of building a focused product that does a few things well, RIM is hedging and compromising. This all but guarantees failure.