Post-PC Is Here

Yesterday, I helped my wife’s grandfather (Tony) print out web pages comparing pricing across different hotels in the city. He owns one of them and was trying to get an idea of where his pricing fit within the market.

Tony was using an iPad which my in-laws got him to replace his aging Toshiba laptop. It’s been great watching him learn how to use it to accomplish the things that he relies on a “computer” for. Most of the time he is checking stock prices, video chatting with family members and doing basic web browsing.

For Tony, paper is still the only option when it comes to real work so printing the pages he was interested in was important.

Tony happened to receive an HP AirPrint compatible printer for Christmas, so we set it up and were immediately able to print from the iPad. No setup, no drivers and no hassle.

Following our success, myself and two family members tried printing photos directly from our iPhones to the printer. The printer knew we were printing photos and switched to printing on 4x6 photo paper automatically.

I was a bit annoyed by the lack of options when printing, but it seems that most of that comes from Apple’s “you don’t need to change settings, do you?” attitude. iOS could easily add some basic options (black only, quality, paper size etc).

It’s really interesting to watch the PC become further and further removed from all the functions that we used to rely on it for.