Let's Ask

I've been reading a lot of criticisms of the traditional publishing industries efforts to shift business to the web. While I completely agree with everything that Brent and Rian have said, this particular part from "Pummeling Pages" got me thinking:

I worked on TapLynx for about two years, and this meant working closely with a variety of publishers. And most had these things in common:

  1. No money.
  2. No idea where the money's going to come from.
  3. An unswerving faith in the supreme value of analytics.
  4. A willingness to try anything as long as it's cheap or free and has analytics. Unless they're paranoid and afraid for their jobs, which they almost always are, given given #1 and #2.

I thought it might be interesting to get a reaction to posts like these from the people who actually work for the media companies being referenced. The publishers are portrayed as cash hungry, analytics driven drones. In reality, they are actual people doing their jobs.

I had a brief chat with Pat Maloney about this and he's going to put me in touch with some of the online editors at the Free Press. Hopefully it will make for some interesting conversation and a blog post worth reading.