Business Strategy and Content

Melissa Rach, Contents Magazine (which you should be really excited about):

Today, content (particularly online content) has become such a critical part of business success that it can’t be ignored.  Businesses know they need content—badly—but have no idea what it’s worth or how to justify spending money on it. While technology keeps driving the need for more content and related services, economics and business theory are struggling to catch up.

Couldn't agree more. Too bad most executives haven't seen that memo yet.

I like the historical context that Melissa brings to the content discussion. Starting with business strategy really makes it clear how we got to where we are today vis a vis the lack of value that content and the web in general receive from those making decisions.

I also love that Melissa shared a reading list of books that help inform her column. I managed to track down a copy of Richard Whittington's What is Strategy and Does it Matter? at my local university library. $60 for a 170 page book from Amazon seemed a bit steep. Also, the 1 - 3 months shipping time kind of turned me off. I will share my thoughts on the book once I've read it.