Is Siri Powered by Watson?

After seeing the Siri personal assistant demo during Apple’s recent keynote and watching the Siri promo video, I was reminded of IBM’s ‘Watson’. Watson is basically a giant information library connected to a supercomputer tuned to understand natural language and determine the most likely answer to a question.

Could Apple be using IBM technology to power Siri on the iPhone 4S?

Probably not. Cursory Google searches have revealed no links between the two, so if Watson and Siri are partners, neither company have said anything.

It does seem like the two would be a great fit. Setting alarms and returning Wikipedia searches is obviously different than answering a Jeopardy! question, but the two things aren’t that far apart. We do know that much of Siri’s magic comes from server farm heavy lifting, and not from the A5 chip alone.

There is some mystery behind Siri already. TechCrunch (really, MG Siegler) reported that Nuance was being cagey about admitting that their technology played a part in Siri.

Maybe Watson is lurking in the background?