Layer Tennis Local?

I know this type of thing has been done elsewhere and there have always been photoshop and design competitions, but I was enjoying another match of Layer Tennis on Friday and thinking about how great something like this would be for London.

We all know London is a creative city full of talented creators of all stripes. Why not hold a monthly local version of Layer Tennis? Two designers go head-to-head in a real-time design competition. Each match consists of 10 images (layers) and each designer has 15 minutes per turn to produce their layer, one after another. A coin toss determines who 'serves' the first layer.

It's a lot of fun to watch the creativity of designers under pressure and to see the influence of each come through in subsequent layers. The winner of the match is determined by votes from spectators, usually via twitter. What a great way to show off the amazing talent in this city!

There are lots of design agencies in town, not to mention graphic design and fine art students at Fanshawe College who would get involved in something like this. There is potential for corporate sponsorship and all sorts of community involvement.

What do you think, is London ready for this?

Layer Tennis is a production Coudal Partners, a design, advertising and interactive studio in Chicago. I hope they're not annoyed that I'm suggesting borrowing their great idea.