Apple Battery Charger

Probably one of the least expected products released by Apple in the last few months has to be the Apple Battery Charger. 

In hindsight it makes sense. Apple makes a number of devices that rely on AA battery power including the wireless keyboard, magic mouse and magic trackpad (Alas, no ‘magic’ in the charger).

There are lots of companies that sell rechargeable battery systems, but leave it to Apple to innovate in such a commodity market. Apple claims that the charger has the lowest ‘vampire draw’ (the power drawn when the batteries are fully charged) in the industry. 10x lower. That’s impressive. Also, they claim that the batteries have a ten year life. Again, impressive.

Also impressive is the pricing. $29 for the charger and six batteries. Not bad value. Buy about four six-packs of disposable AA batteries and you will have gone through at least $29.

The best part about the whole thing is the packaging. In typical Apple fashion, the charger comes beautifully packaged in a slim box with two batteries already in the charger and the rest nestled in a perfectly designed bit of cardboard. No bubble wrap, no annoying plastic to cut through and less waste. Not many companies put the same effort and thought into the packaging for a $29 charger as they do for a $700 iPhone. 

It is Apple’s uncompromising attention to detail that makes their products so successful. Imagine if you applied the same focus to what you do.